Sadigh Gallery | Ancient Egyptian Mummified Animals Auction

Buy or Bid in this exclusive auction dedicated to ancient Egyptian mummified animals from the 18th Dynasty and the Ptolemaic Period.

Mummification was an important aspect of the ancient Egyptian religion. During the Ptolemaic and Roman periods in Egypt, the custom of leaving mummified animals as votive offerings in cult sanctuaries became extremely in vogue. At the same time, the art of decorative wrappings ascended new heights, with intricate designs being incorporated into linen folds. Mummified animals were purchased from temple priests and left by petitioners who wished special favors from a God.

Follow the link below or click the image above for more details on this auction

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Sadigh Gallery | Ancient Egyptian Art Sale

Get up to 40% OFF on over 300 various forms of unique and authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts. {See the flyer below}

The Following items can be found in this flyer:

  • Funerary art forms such as Mummy Masks, Cartonnage fragments, Ushabtis, Heart Scarabs, Canopic Jars and more
  • Wall fragments representing various Egyptian myths, Pharaohs and Gods
  • Statues that once adorned temples and tombs of historical figures; and many more…

All orders by phone only. Please call us Toll Free at 1(800)426-2007 today to own a piece of history. Please have the page and item number ready when you call. Thank You.

All artifacts are guaranteed authentic and come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity.

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Sadigh Gallery | Ancient Art Sale

Get 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on all web orders from now till June 26th!
Sadigh Gallery ancient Artifacts Online

Shop from our extensive collection of authentic ancient antiquities including artifacts, coins and jewelry from various cultures.

This sale does not apply to already discounted Bargain Lots items. Free Shipping only applies to customers in the U.S.

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Sadigh Gallery’s Early Summer Sales Flyer

Sadigh Gallery’s Early Summer Sales Flyer is filled with over 250 artifacts, with discounts up to 40% OFF their regular price.

Shop various relics from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia, the Near East, Africa and so much more. Featured in this flyer are various Egyptian funerary objects such as ushabtis, canopic jars, cartonnage and sarcophagus fragments. Ancient Seals, coins, statues, weapons, jewelry, Chinese jade, pottery, wall fragments, Roman glass, mosaic and more can be found in this flyer. Be sure to take advantage of this Exclusive Savings and unique gift ideas for Father’s Day — Sunday June 15th, 2014.

All Artifacts Guaranteed Authentic and Come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity. Please note, all orders by phone only. Please call our Toll Free Number 800-426-2007 or 212-725-7537 to place an order. Have the item and page numbers ready to ensure a faster service. Thank You.

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Sadigh Gallery’s Combination Lots Sale

Check out the flyer below to get discounts of up to 50% OFF, on ancient antiquities, coins and jewelry. All Orders By Phone Only. Call us Toll Free 1(800)426-2007 or 1(212)725-7537, to order. Thank You.

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Latest Acquisitions: Chinese Jade Stone Artifacts

Chinese Jade Artifacts

Over 60 Beautiful and Exquisite Asian Jade Stone Statues Have Been Added To Our Collection!

Sadigh Gallery’s latest acquisitions includes various Chinese jade sculptures such as discs, musical instruments, statues of various symbolic and mythological creatures such as Dragons and Foo Dogs, animals, vessels and so much more. You can order online here or contact us Toll Free 1(800)426-2007 for more information.

Featured Jade Pieces From Our Latest Collection:


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Big Savings on Ancient Antiquities

Presidents Day Sales

Offer valid till Midnight, Monday February 17th. Click image above or go Our Gallery website to take advantage of this savings

For savings all year round, you can check out our Bargain Lots Category. Here, you will find savings of up to 50% OFF on Various Artifacts Combinations. Click image below to shop from our Bargain Lots:

Bargain Lots Saving

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