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About Sadigh Gallery

Sadigh Gallery is a family-owned art gallery specializing in ancient artifacts and coins from around the world. The gallery was established in 1978 as a small mail order company which was operated by one man, Michael Sadigh. After achieving much success, he then moved to the current location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1982. Our focus is on providing affordable ancient antiquities and friendly, down-to-earth service. As a family-owned business, we greatly treasure the interaction with our customers. A large portion of our customers have been with us for 10 to 20 years, and we are grateful that they have become good friends, rather than simple business partners. We pride in providing quality service to each and every one of our customers, and their satisfaction matters most to us. If you have any questions, concerns, or any other comments regarding our merchandises or services, feel free to call us at your convenience. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! All of our antiquities are guaranteed authentic, and all items are sent with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity. We provide secure packing to ensure safe delivery. Contact us for more information, or to receive one of our FREE CATALOG today. Contact Information: 303 Fifth Avenue Suite 1603 New York, NY 10016 Toll Free (800)426-2007 Tel (212)725-7537 E-mail: Web Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00AM – 8:00PM Open on Sundays by appointment only. Closed on Saturdays.

Some Of The Most Valuable Ancient Artifacts The World Over

The market for ancient artifacts is relatively obscure area but steeped in connoisseurship and exclusivity. A lot of times, the obscurity invites controversy because theft and fraud are widespread international crimes committed in the name of a 6-billion-dollar black market. … Continue reading

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The Right Way To Preserve An Antique Collection

Having an antique collection is a worthwhile hobby especially for those who are interested in history and culture. To make sure ancient artifacts, ancient art, and ancient coins are well-maintained, collectors should take note of the right way to clean … Continue reading

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Ancient Persian Gold Brooch

Just added to our collection is this beautiful and important ancient Persian Gold Brooch, which dates back to around 200 BC. This piece is adorned with with two ram heads, an oval shaped pearl inlay, small round accent pearls, dangling … Continue reading

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Latest Addition of Authentic Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

This recently acquired collection includes over 350 rare and exquisite pieces representing various time periods in ancient Egypt. We have statues, wall fragments, sarcophagus fragments, wooden boxes, scarabs, ushabtis and so much more, from the 18th Dynasty to the Ptolemaic … Continue reading

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Ancient Art Sale for our VIP Customers

Get up to 40% OFF on Various Forms of Authentic Ancient Artifacts, Coins and Jewelry from our VIP Customer Sales Flyer. Filled with important and rare ancient antiquities, coins and jewelry from various cultures. All Items come with a Lifetime … Continue reading

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Early Spring 2015 Art Sale

For Authentic Ancient Artifacts, Coins and Jewelry at Discounted Prices, check out Sadigh Gallery’s Early Spring 2015 Sale Flyer below. There are two ways to Order: 1. By Phone. Call us Toll Free 1(800)426-2007 or 1(212)-725-7537. Please have the Item … Continue reading

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Featured Artifacts from our Recent Acquisitions

Happy New Year to all. We have just added over 200 Ancient Artifacts, Coins and Jewelry to our collection. The following are some of the FEATURED pieces from our recent acquisitions. Visit our website or call our Toll Free … Continue reading

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