The Right Way To Preserve An Antique Collection

Having an antique collection is a worthwhile hobby especially for those who are interested in history and culture. To make sure ancient artifacts, ancient art, and ancient coins are well-maintained, collectors should take note of the right way to clean and preserve their items. Below are some of the steps:

Proper storage: The first step to preservation is to put items in a safe place. Collectibles should be placed in a sturdy and solid surface, away from where people move around. But for those who want to display their ancient artifacts, storing their precious items in a glass case is also a good choice.

Control temperature and moisture: Take the example of museums. Items exhibited are stored in cool and dry places to preserve the quality of the artifacts. Even for a personal collection, these items should be kept in cool and dry places to ensure their good condition. Humidity and heat make ancient pieces prone to damage.

Use correct cleaning methods: Some collectors leave their coins or ancient art as is, not wanting risk ruining their item. However, there are some that try to be very careful in removing dust and dirt from their precious collectible. Before deciding to clean and restore ancient items, one must ask an expert on how to properly do it as typical household cleaning materials can cause damage to an item that has been in existence for centuries.

Starting a collection of ancient artifacts is a great way to spend one’s time. Those who are looking for items to add to their growing assortment can seek the assistance of ancient artifacts experts.

Sadigh Gallery in New York City specializes in the handling and selling of ancient art, artifacts, and coins from all over the world. The family-owned business handles each interaction with its customers with utmost importance. The gallery has a large customer base that has been supporting the business for 10 to 20 years, considering them as good friends instead of business partners. Visit this website to browse Sadigh Gallery’s latest collections.

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Ancient Persian Gold Brooch

Persian Gold Brooch 47408Just added to our collection is this beautiful and important ancient Persian Gold Brooch, which dates back to around 200 BC. This piece is adorned with with two ram heads, an oval shaped pearl inlay, small round accent pearls, dangling chains and a pointed, inverted cone-shaped ornament. It is in a remarkable condition and still wearable.

This delicately crafted piece is in line, stylistically, with jewelry from that era. Bracelets and brooches usually featured too ends that were adorned by lion, ram, goose, deer or snake heads. Animals were an important part in every major ancient civilization and mythology as the represented various deities.

Rams appeared prominently in ancient Persia jewelry and mythology. Rams were seen as a symbol of virility and were considered a guardian spirit. Kings bore the head of a ram instead of a crown when he led his armies into battle. Ram headed gold jewelry were found in the ancient Royal courts of the city. This particular brooch was likely a tribute to the King.

Stay tuned for artifacts from our recent acquisition. You can see all of our New Arrivals HERE.

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Latest Addition of Authentic Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

Sadigh Egyptian New Arrivals April 2015

This recently acquired collection includes over 350 rare and exquisite pieces representing various time periods in ancient Egypt. We have statues, wall fragments, sarcophagus fragments, wooden boxes, scarabs, ushabtis and so much more, from the 18th Dynasty to the Ptolemaic Period.

Featured Piece from the Collection:

Ancient Egyptian Limestone Coffin Limestone Miniature Coffin from Ptolemaic Egypt, 305-30 BC, with a removable lid and a removable mummy form with incised hieroglyphs on the inside. The coffin has raised and incised figures and symbols including: An Eye of Horus, Horus, winged Isis, baboon and hieroglyphs. The removable lid has a reclining Anubis, the jackal-headed patron God of embalming.

The embalmed bodies of the dead were wrapped for protection before they were deposited into coffins (sarcophagi) which were usually made from wood or limestone. The Sarcophagus is a vital part of ancient Egyptian funerary rites. It’s purpose was the protection of the body, preserving it from deterioration or mutilation. In Egyptian language, the sarcophagus might be called neb ankh (possessor of life). Click HERE for more information on this piece.

Stay tuned for more Featured Artifacts from this collection…

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Ancient Art Sale for our VIP Customers

Get up to 40% OFF on Various Forms of Authentic Ancient Artifacts, Coins and Jewelry from our VIP Customer Sales Flyer. Filled with important and rare ancient antiquities, coins and jewelry from various cultures.

All Items come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity and a return privilege for any reason. Thank You.

Call 1(800)426-2007 or 1(212)725-7537 to Order!

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Early Spring 2015 Art Sale

For Authentic Ancient Artifacts, Coins and Jewelry at Discounted Prices, check out Sadigh Gallery’s Early Spring 2015 Sale Flyer below.

There are two ways to Order:

1. By Phone. Call us Toll Free 1(800)426-2007 or 1(212)-725-7537. Please have the Item number and Page number ready to ensure a faster and more efficient service.

2. By email. Email us at Include Item number and Page number.

All Artifacts are guaranteed authentic and come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity

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Featured Artifacts from our Recent Acquisitions

Happy New Year to all. We have just added over 200 Ancient Artifacts, Coins and Jewelry to our collection. The following are some of the FEATURED pieces from our recent acquisitions. Visit our website or call our Toll Free Number 1(800)426-2007 to order. All our items are guaranteed authentic and come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity! Click on image for more information on each piece. View entire collection HERE.

46814 Wooden Sarcophagus from Ptolemaic Egypt: Covered with cartonnage and painted, with the mummy mask covered in gold gilding. Geometric designs, hieroglyphs, Egyptian symbols, beautifully rendered illustrations of birds and figures all over the surface. Symbols include an elaborate winged scarab, with the head of Horus falcon, Eye of Horus, Ankhs, djed pillar, ostrich feathers and more. Gods includes a standing Osiris, Horus, Ma’at; and the four sons of Horus: Imsety, Hapy, Qebehsenuef and Duamutef.

46801 Roman Terracotta Bust: Hollow terracotta bust of a noble man with wavy hair. Mounted on a base. 200 AD

46784 Near Eastern Turquoise Beads Necklace: Very large, round royal blue colored turquoise beads with a bottle shaped bead pendant on a modern necklace setting.

46766 Ancient Egyptian Marble Block Figure: Carved marble block figure of a scribe with a chin beard, symbolizing the hope of resurrection with hieroglyphs on the front, on a base. 18th Dynasty.

46792Roman Rock Crystal Beads Necklace: Oblong rock crystal beads, round garnet beads and decorative silver beads with an elongated triangular shaped rock crystal pendant on a modern necklace setting. (Rock Crystals and Garnet Beads: 100 AD; Necklace was set early 1900’s AD)

46803Ancient Egyptian Mummy Mask: Cartonnage mummy mask once was used to cover the head of a mummy. Made from linen and gesso and then painted. Colors include red, green, black and browns with highlights in gold leaf. Depicts the mummy with wide eyes and a cloth nemes with checkerboard, geometric and linear patterns. Secured to the linen backing. Ptolemaic.

Persian Gold Plated Brooch: Gold over silver brooch in the shape of a tree with red and green faceted glass inlays and a clear faceted glass inlay at the top. 1800’s AD

46806 African Dogon Tribe Bronze Statue: Stylized, hollow bronze statue depicting a rhinoceros with thin legs and hollowed out ears. Light earthen patina. 1800’s AD

46649 Chinese Han Dynasty Green Jade Disk: Carved green jade disc with a fierce winged dragon on the surface. Discs were placed above the head, below the feet and on the chest of the deceased.

46778 Roman Carnelian Beads: 50 hand-carved faceted, round carnelian beads in various sizes in shades of orange and red, for stringing and making jewelry. 300 AD

46685 Greek Mycenaean Terracotta Pottery: Vessel with a flattened round shape and a lid. Portraits of females holding grapes and foliage on the surface. Floral and geometric designs painted in shades of orange, dark red, black, bright red and white. Very finely painted details.

46690 Persian Pearl Ring: Gold over silver ring with a round pearl in the center, small amber colored faceted stones set into the surface around the pearl, decorative circular and curved designs on the surface and on the band. 1800’s AD

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Prehistoric Tools

A collection of various Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus stone tools, some dating as far back as 2.5 Million Years, are available at Sadigh Gallery.

Also available are 20,000 Year Old Cro Magnon medical instruments, the earliest known.

Call 1(800)426-2007 to order or visit our website to see more Prehistoric artifacts in our collection.

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